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Hygiene Education Training for School Teachers

In February, JEN held a three-day hygiene education training for 494 teachers at 32 primary, middle and high schools in Surkh Parsa and Shikh Ali district in Parwan Prefecture. The teachers who participated in the training will then implement hygiene education in their respective classes for 5 months from May to October, except for summer vacation in July. Their objective of this continuous teaching is to ensure children have correct knowledge and right hygiene habits. 

In the teacher's training of hygiene education, both theory and practice are taught. Contents cover significance of teaching hygiene, water and food hygiene, and various practices such as how to wash hands, cut nails, brush teeth, and make oral rehydration solution (ORS) which is used to prevent dehydration caused by diarrhea.

The training was carried out in the form of participatory workshops including activities such as group work and discussion. The teachers taking part in the training showed great interest in hygiene education, asked many questions and actively participated in the discussions. Through the 3-day training, improvements were seen in the teachers’ knowledge of hygiene education and their ability to practice it. The training ended with the teachers’ commitment to pass on what they learned in this training to their students.

[Group Work of Hygiene Education]

[Practice of Making ORS]

[Practice of Hand Washing]

The following is an interview with a teacher who participated in the training.

Name of Teacher: Mr. Sayed Adil Shah
Name of School: Hazrat Zihab Lolanj High School for Girls, Surkh Parsa District

“Prior to taking part in this training, I didn’t know the significance of hygiene education. By participating, I realized how important and useful hygiene education is in our daily lives and found out what kind of benefits there are.

Learning hygiene education was very interesting and by now I have acquired the knowledge of all the topics I learned in the training.

I am going to hand down the knowledge and the practices I acquired here to the students at my school. I will also tell my students to pass on what they learned from me to their family members. I am thankful to be given this opportunity of taking part in a wonderful training like this.”

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