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Healthy Life in Sri Lanka (Sugar free biscuit!)

I came across this at the snack section of a local supermarket.


I would like to introduce, with this commemorative picture, an “epoch-making” biscuit as my recent finding in Sri Lanka. Although I would imagine that this is nothing curious nor surprising for most of people in Japan.

Here in Sri Lanka, people have snacks and tea with full of sugar, and for daily meals, they use plenty of salt, chili, oil and coconuts. Their dietary habit is far from what Japanese think of a “healthy diet”.

In such a setting, a snack that promotes being “healthy” has finally appeared here in Sri Lanka. What's more, you can find it not only in Colombo but even in supermarkets in Vavuniya in Northern Province.

Are Sri Lankan people becoming more conscious about their health? Well, we shall see.

March 21, 2013 in Sri Lanka |