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"Come, join our fishery event!" NOW INVITING PARTICIPANTS!


JEN and tsunami-stricken fishermen jointly decided to hold the 2nd "Come, join our fishery event!", a two-day and one-night fishery experience event in Higashihama, a fishery village on the Oshika Peninsula. That event is a new effort to boost disaster reconstruction by the fishermen from five areas in Higashihama. It helps participants discover the cycle of Higashihama's seasons through hands-n opportunities to experience fishery. During the first one held last December, in spite of the cold participants enjoyed valuable experience in learning how to culture oysters and how they grow from fishermen in Higashihama, where the oyster farming is a core industry.
They had a chance to learn oyster-shelling on the spot, which is so difficult that an oyster shelling championship takes place. Everything they experienced was not before in their lives and at the same time they could have a chance to think sincerely about what they can do for the revitalization of Higashihama. They had a heated discussion with fishermen. That day was the all oyster day for them and they told that they felt like being oyster savvy. The following photos show what the 1st "Come, join our fishery event!" was like.

【They tour an oyster farm by fishing boat attended by fishermen.】

【They learn how to shell oysters one-on-one.】

Higashihama's specialties vary with the seasons. The upcoming event features learning how wakame seaweed and mantis shrimps are cultured. Why don't you have an excellent opportunity to experience fishery gusto, through learning indigenous fishery to Higashihama and enjoying a day out in the rich nature of the Sanriku Sea?

That event helps Higashihama rebuild its community. JEN hopes some people who have volunteered for emergency-relief work take this opportunity to revisit Tohoku and to visualize a better future together with the fishermen who, having gone through the aftermath of the disaster, are now on the road to recovery; others who don't have participated in volunteer activities take this opportunity to learn what's going on in disaster-stricken areas or what a fishery is like.

JEN helps Higashihama regain its vitality through promoting exchanges between participants and fishermen and their wives. Do please participate in this event.

【Many ideas were exchanged during the meeting between participants and people in Higashihama. They took a memorial photo fueled by the discussion. 】

◆For details on JEN's assistance activities in Tohoku, click here.

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◆What is Higashihama like?
Higashihama, which is located on the middle of the Oshika Peninsula, is divided into five districts, Makihama, Takehama, Kitsunezakihama, Kadatsuhama and Fultsukiura. It's a fishing-centered community and was worst affected by the disaster, but the whole community is working toward recovery.

◆What is "Come, join our fishery event!"?
It is an occasion for participants to learn fishery and also to have heart-to-heart talks with people in Higashihama. With time, people in Higashihama have become eager to express their thanks to volunteers who gave them a helping hand or a hearing in the aftermath of the disaster. And they also started thinking that it's important not only to have a pleasant reunion with those volunteers but to create an opportunity for many other people to enjoy Higashihama's scenery and exchange with them. It is a new project come from that desire of them to open up Higashihama's new possibilities.

【Mantis shrimp fishing(April to July each year)】

◆"Come, join our fishery event!"
The event's details will be as follows:
・The opening days are April 13 - 14, 2013(two-day and one-night).
・The major attractions are Mantis shrimp fishing experience, wakame seaweed collecting experience, fixed-shore-net-fishing watching tour etc. Attractions may change due to inclement weather or lean fish crop. Shipboard injuries or accidents are not covered by the volunteer insurance.
・The venue is Higashihama on the Oshika Peninsula, a fishery village in Ishinomaki city.
・The rest house is Kitsunezaki Fishery Village Center(986-2345, Miyagi-ken, Ishinomaki-shi, Aza Yashiki kitsunezaki 25-2 ).
・The limit number of participants is 20.
・The participation fee is not yet determined.
・The designated meeting place and time are the rotary outside Ishinomaki station and 11 a.m. on April 13.
・The designated finishing place and time are the rotary outside Ishinomaki station and 3:30 p.m. on April 14.

<Volunteer Insurance>
Applicants are required to sign up the volunteer insurance ("Disaster Plan": an insurance product that insures against earthquake in advance). Be aware that the insurance is effective for one year from April 1 every year and not renewed automatically.

Fax or email your completed application form with the copy of your insurance certificate. Without volunteer insurance, application will not be accepted.

Click here to download PDF version application form_final_18032013

Please contact the Inquiries (mentioned below) should you have further questions.

E-mail the address of
hama@jen-npo.org, with "Come, join our fishery event!" as the subject no later than Sunday the 7th of April. Acceptance of applications continues until the number of application reaches the limit.

Please contact us at: Phone number 02225-25-5611; Fax number 02225-25-5612
Names of the contact persons are Shun Saijo or Hiroaki Chiba.
The department in charge is JEN (Specified Nonprofit Corporation) Tohoku Division Reconstruction Steering Group
The address for JEN's Tohoku division is: SASADEN BILL201, Zeniarai 3-13, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986 0826

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