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Who is Ken?

Although it's been awhile since I arrived to assume this post in Sri Lanka, I only know a little Sinhalese mostly for greeting like "hello", "my name is **", "how are you?", "I'm good", when I take a rickshaw, "please go straight", "I am not Chinese", 99% of people who I come across think I'm Chinese at the beginning.

And lately I figured out another Sinhalese expression!

Staffs at Colombo Office answer the phone saying "Oh, Ken!" which makes me wonder if Ken calls us that often? I have never heard of a person called Ken that I was wondering for quite some time.  What took me so long to figure this out? I asked them "what does Ken mean in Sinhalese?" then they just say "there is no such word".

The fact was that I had not gotten the sound right. It is supposed to be pronounced "kyan" with weak "ya" then it sounds like "Ken" when you say it fast. Its meaning is "tell me", "what's wrong?" Well, I feel better that my mystery has been solved.

February 7, 2013 in Sri Lanka |