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Time to work in FATA

So the time has come to focus on returnees in Kurram Agency, FATA to ensure end to their protracted displacement. JEN has launched shelter project to provide “Roof Repair Kits” to 145 HHs in central Kurram Agency. These returnees were displaced from their homes due to the conflict. FATA and adjacent areas were directly affected with the situation after 9/11 and the war after those attacks and the community was in trouble. They had to move to the safer areas where they can save themselves and their loved ones. Those families have been residing in different parts of KP, FATA and in Camp organized by humanitarian community and government.

To address their early recovery needs; JEN adopted Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach to know their most urgent needs. Through PRA we did the research through participation of local community who knows much better than the external people. This generates a confidence in the community who suffered from the disasters and they know they are one of the stakeholders instead of just recipient. In this process we changed into learners and community as speakers which show respect to local intellectual and their analytical capabilities. It was easy for us to learn and understand the people's culture, habits and customs.


Around 55 village elders of 7 targeted villages were called upon and their needs were identified and prioritized through deep and systematic consultations. All village elders agreed on 4 most urgent needs as Peace, Shelter, Water supply and Health.


JEN further analyzed the situation and selected water supply component in addition to hygiene education based on returnee’s needs and JEN’s expertise.


Rapid assessment of water supply schemes was carried out, consulted with relevant government department and the idea was presented to wash cluster for recommendation. JEN is hopeful to assist returnees in terms of water supply schemes and hygiene education in the near future with the support of Japanese people and government. 


February 14, 2013 in Pakistan |