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Remote Project Management

JEN Afghanistan program is remotely managed from Islamabad (Pakistan). The team in Islamabad works closely with the Afghanistan local staff to smoothly run the project and achieve desired goals and objectives.


Remote management is one of the most difficult types of managing projects. It needs several things to be taken care very seriously and can called be as keys to success. Some of the key areas of remote management are as follow;

•Online communication: In online communication we only rely on words, you can’t see one’s expressions or gestures while talking on phone or reading someone email. Therefore every member of the team should know the importance and techniques of online communication.

•Proper flow of information is one of the key points in remote project management. In remote management the information should be shared very carefully. For example a staff is sharing some information and he missed a key member to put in CC or on the other hand if there is any confidential information and a staff who should not get those information is been put in CC of an email, both these cases are unfavourable which should be given proper consideration.

•Respecting cultural and geographic difference is one of the important aspect remote management. Time difference, cultural difference and other religious and social things should be kept in mind while you are talking to someone who I not present in front of you.

•Meeting Staff face to face: Once in a while face-to face meetings are very important part of the project management. The team from the field should be called to meet with international staff, it will help them to know each other’s better and to make the field staff feel that they are of the organization and team.

•Knowing your team: Managers know the capabilities of your team member and should trust their abilities and it should be communicated to the team member that how important they are for the management and project.

•Treating all Staff Equally: Staffs in the office and on the field are assets and they should be treated equally. Every member of the team whether in office or in field have their own jobs to perform, everyone should be treated and rewarded equally according to their performance.

JEN Islamabad team is trying all possible ways to get the things more effective and efficient.

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