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Quick report on February 10 volunteering activity

An ascidian culture is under way in Tanigawahama waters off the Oshika Peninsula. The ocean current flowing along the Tanigawahama coast provides a fertile breeding ground for ascidians and so Tanigawahama has boasted ascidians and their larvae harvesting since pre-disaster periods.

【They make traps for ascidian larvae, running a string through holes in oyster shells(string oyster shells for traps for ascidian larvae).】

With some forty houses and fishery lodges swept away by a raging 13-meter-high tsunami, fishermen in Tanigawahama still take shelter in temporary housing and commute from there to their fishery harbor even twenty-three months after the disaster.

【This was once a residential area, which is scheduled to be relocated to a high ground nearby.】

Making traps is so human-intensive that many hands make light work. In addition, that even a small number of people continue to come to help fishermen who are making patient efforts serves them as powerful encouragement.

【Mr. Atsumi teaches volunteers how to raise ascidians.】


During the month of February, we are going to ask volunteers to help fishermen make traps. We are really looking forward to your participation.

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