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KITA NAGO, much more than a simple community symbol(part2)

What I didn’t know before reading a great article in a local newspaper was that they were many other symbols in Kita Nago.
A common expression in créole says “Mwen pap fè yon pa Kita, yon pa Nago”. Literally “I don’t make a step Kita nor Nago” which means “I don’t move”! Or “I don’t make a small step, neither a long one” when used in second degree.
Kita and Nago are also 2 nations among the 21 in voodoo religion. The Kitas have fragile feet while the Nagos are great endurance walker.

The Y shape of the wood refers to the Yoruba, tribe that was taken into slavery on a large scale. It also refers to a voodoo ceremony during which believers eat Yam.
The wood, oak, was once upon a time one of the biggest richness of the country and did contribute in a large scale to pay France the debt for Haiti’s independence.

The all project is also an opportunity to show that Haitians can do things without any foreign help as all resources in the project are locals.

700km so 14 stages of 50km, representing the 14 stations leading to Golgotha, meaning so that a failure can be turned on a great victory.
The walk is also the opportunity to recommend Haitians citizens to all plant a tree the day Kita Nago crosses their town in this year dedicated to environment in Haiti.
No doubt, the long road between les Irois and Ouanaminthe will keep the name of Kita Nago Road for long.
People say the wood is talking! They’re probably right! By reminding all these symbols the wood has talked to many lost souls and brought hope in many communities already.

By the way, did you know Kita and Nago were 2 geographically exact opposite points in Japan?

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