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Hama-yu, Sasunohama's meeting house, to be refurbished for your enjoyment!

The oyster grill attached to Hama-yu completed the current season on February 24.

【On the final day, the oyster grill was crowded with customers.】

The oyster grill had opened every Sunday since last December, eight times in all. It had over 200 visitors not only from within the city of Ishinomaki but from outside as far afield as New York.
Looking back on the past three months, Mr. Hosokawa, the head of Executive Committee for Oyster Grill, said "We merely had got order for oyster out before, but we have got to know people who come all the way here to enjoy oysters and had chances to see our customers in person. That was the biggest benefit."

【Their service have got better each time, developing new dishes.】

"Kakisoba", buckwheat noodles topped with oyster fritters

"Ishinomaki oyster gratin"

Although the oyster grill ends this week, oysters are still in season. Inside Hama-yu, seasonal light refreshments such as kakisoba will be served from next month, for it's going to be refurbished as a lunchroom and will start to serve new dishes after the oyster grill closed down, Dishes using not only oysters but local, seasonal ingredients will be served. We do hope that you come and enjoy them at Hama-yu.

Hama-yu will continue to be used as a meeting place where local people gather to hold computer school or bee cafe and so on. JEN will committed to working on supporting reconstruction efforts of local people and getting as many people as possible to know about these efforts.

【A member staff said to the last guest "You'll come see me again, I hope?"】


・The address for Hama-yu is: Tonami Sasunohama, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986-2135.

・How to find us: drive your car toward Tonami on Route 398, make a right turn at the Mangokuura intersection and drive into Route2, cross the Mangokuhara bridge, make a right turn at next traffic light heading for Sant Juan Park, and drive ahead about 500 meters after going through a tunnel; You can take a labarum on the left as the landmark of Hama-yu; It takes about 25 minutes by car from Ishinomaki station.

・The store hours are Saturday-Sunday 0 p.m.-2 p.m.

・Please contact Mr. Hosokawa (the head of Executive Committee for Oyster Grill) at 090-8256-1376.

・See below for more information about our future business plan.


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