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"Come, join harvesting wakame, even shrimp! "NOW INVITING PARTICIPANTS!


It has been decided that a fishery experience event will take place in Higashihama, a fishery village on the Oshika Peninsula.

【"Come, join our fishery event", a spring festival where you can enjoy and experience firsthand harvesting wakame seaweed, even mantis shrimp. NOW INVITING PARTICIPANTS! 】

JEN and tsunami-stricken fishermen jointly decided to hold the 2nd "Come, join harvesting wakame, even shrimp!", two-day and one-night fishery experience event in Higashihama, a fishery village on the Oshika Peninsula. It's a new effort to boost disaster reconstruction by the fishermen from five areas in Higashihama. The first one took place last December, where participants enjoyed valuable experience in learning how to culture and shell oysters from fishermen.

【They tour an oyster farm by fishing boat.】

【They learn how to shell oysters.】

Higashihama's specialties vary with the seasons. The upcoming event features learning how wakame seaweed and mantis shrimps are cultured. It will be an excellent opportunity to experience fishery gusto, enjoying a beautiful sea in rich nature. JEN hopes the event helps bring smiles to fishermen's faces and make fishermen feel alive, keeping the fishery community alive. JEN does hope you will participate the event!

◆For details on JEN's assistance activities in Tohoku, click here.

◆What is Higashihama like?
Higashihama, which is located on the middle of the Oshika Peninsula, is divided into five districts, Makihama, Takehama, Kitsunezakihama, Kadatsuhama and Fultsukiura. It's a fishing-centered community and was worst affected by the disaster, but the whole community is working toward recovery.

◆What is "Come, join harvesting wakame, even shrimp!"?
JEN has worked on a variety of assistance activities since the disaster hit the area. In so doing, JEN staff members have had more and more chances to overhear fishermen saying "We want to show our hospitality to volunteers who came to help us after the disaster."

Since JEN staff members have heard the fishermen explaining what they feel like saying "We'd like to continue interacting different people outside our community. We want as many people as possible know about the attractions of the sea and our fishery." and overheard the conversations between the fishermen and the volunteers such as "Don't be a stranger!'", "I'll be back!", they have long hoped to respond these situations in a tangible way.
They finally cast their ideas into a program, aiming to realize revitalization of the fishery community through enjoying and cherishing every moment of interaction between the fishermen and the volunteers.

【Mantis shrimp fishing(April to July each year)】

◆"Come, join harvesting wakame, even shrimp!"
The event's details1 will be as follows:
・The opening days are April 13 - 14, 2013(two-day and one-night).
・The major attractions are Mantis shrimp fishing experience, wakame seaweed collecting experience, fixed-shore-net-fishing watching tour etc.
・The venue is Higashihama on the Oshika Peninsula, a fishery village in Ishinomaki city.
・The rest house is Kitsunezaki Fishery Village Center(986-2345, Miyagi-ken, Ishinomaki-shi, Aza Yashiki kitsunezaki 25-2 ).
・The number of participants is 20.
・The participation fee is not yet determined.
・The designated meeting place and time are the rotary outside Ishinomaki station and 11 a.m. on April 13(A complimentary transportation service to the venue will be offered.).
・The designated finishing place and time are the rotary outside Ishinomaki station and 3:30 p.m. on April 14(A complimentary transportation service from the venue will be offered.).
・Applications for the event will be accepted via JEN's website from the beginning of March.

Please contact the Applications and Inquiries (mentioned below) should you have further questions.

・Applications and Inquiries:
Please contact us at: Phone number 02225-25-5611; Fax number 02225-25-5612
Names of the contact persons are Shun Saijo or Hiroaki Chiba.
Please say to someone who answers your call "I'm calling about 'Come, visit our fishery event!'".
The department in charge is JEN (Specified Nonprofit Corporation) Tohoku Division Reconstruction Steering Group
The address for JEN's Tohoku division is: SASADEN BILL201, Zeniarai 3-13, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986 0826

1. Once all our plans are set, they will be notified again.

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