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Attending the signing ceremony for our new project

On February 1, we attended a signing ceremony.   This signing ceremony was to announce the launch of a new project which is to be implemented with the support of JEN supporters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.  As it was my first experience to attend such ceremony, rather than being nervous, I was very interested in how such ceremony was conducted. When I arrived at the Ambassador's Residence in Colombo, most of people of the press were already seated.  In Sri Lanka, things are usually carried out graciously and you always feel at ease, but I realized how solemn this ceremony was.

At the signing ceremony, the Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka and JEN signed and exchanged the written contracts, and  JEN made a brief explanation about the project.  The Ambassador made a speech right after, and then there was a Q&A session with the press. The ceremony ended in about half an hour.

Our new project supports the recovery in the Mullaitivu District in Northern Sri Lanka and Ampara District in Eastern Sri Lanka. Specifically speaking, we will support constructing agro-wells and provide trainings to run workshops on agricultural knowledge, and form and empower agriculture communities over the next 12 months. The project will provide stable water supply to nearly 350 families, and will largely contribute to their self-sustainability.

Details on the project will be updated on this news blog.  Please look forward to our updates.



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