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This year's first volunteering

On January 12, 2013, JEN's Ishinomaki branch carried out this year's first volunteer activity. This time, we had as many as thirty-seven volunteers including students at the Harvard business school and individuals.

【Volunteers clear side ditches running by plastic greenhouses】

Volunteers cleaned side ditches running by plastic greenhouses. There still remained sludge in the bottom of the side ditches. These plastic greenhouses were once fully-destroyed by the tsunami, but the farmer who owns them reconstructed them at the same place last autumn after working on the rented land in a different area. He says he is going to grow cucumbers in the greenhouses from this spring.

【Volunteers socialize with each other at lunch through mochi pounding】

After working and sweating together, what was waiting for them was rice cake making party. Students got excited at their first-time mochi pounding. Fishermen from Higashihama in the Oshika peninsula, who are also victims of the disaster, joined to serve them oyster soup, and so volunteers had a party time socializing with local farmers, fishermen, and JEN staff members.

【Moms from a tsunami-stricken fishing village serve their special oyster soup, oysters have grew with the arrival of January. 】

JEN's Ishinomaki branch will continue to stay in exchange projects that provide both disaster victims and volunteers opportunities to interact each other, accepting volunteers in 2013. For further details on application procedures for reconstruction assistance volunteers, visit the following link.

【Students are unwinding after work. 】


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