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Meiji University affiliated Meiji High School memorial soccer event for boys, girls held

On January 13 and 14, "the Ishinimaki-Nichi-Nichi Shinbun's cup soccer event for boys and girls, co-hosted by Meiji University affiliated Meiji High as part of its centennial events" took place.

【Boys and girls give themselves to a soccer game even in the rough weather; Day 2】

Fourteen teams from around the city of Ishinomaki took part in the two-day event. This was the final event for sixth-year students. JEN worked on preparing for the event and keeping it running smoothly along with Ishinomaki Nichi Nichi Shinbun, Meiji High School and the Ishinomaki Football Association that organized the event.

【After the event, Meiji High School students deepen exchanges with children playing soccer.】

Meiji High School soccer club members volunteered to run the whole event serving as referees, time keepers, scores and so forth. And students other than the members of the soccer club volunteered to cook "imoni", a famous local specialty of Miyagi Prefecture---a hot-pot contains taro, vegetables and meat---being guided by JEN staff members. That is not only entertaining participants, but also a drill in preparing meals outdoors allowing for a possible disaster.

【Prepared since the day before, they served 700 people for two days.】

【High school students hand bowls of imoni.】

One of students in the second year said "I'm looking forward to the next time. I want to keep up the activity.", showing a willingness to continue the activity.

【After the event, high school students take a commemorative photo with children: Day 1】

Meiji University affiliated Meiji High School is going to co-host the event over the next five years. JEN continues to work on a variety of exchange events, strengthening the collaboration with organizations and enterprises at home and abroad.

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