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Mehsood IDPs- Recently Displaced from WANA South Waziristan Agency (FATA)

In October 2009, Military Operation was launched by security forces against militants in South Waziristan Agency mainly in Mahsood tribe’s area. All the Mahsood tribes left their homes and they took shelter in the adjacent settled/ FR areas of D.I.Khan, Tank, FR Tank, Wana and other areas.

During operation many Mahsood families migrated to Wazir tribe’s area named Wana in SWA. The Wazir Tribe warmly welcomed the Mahsood IDPs, helped and provided them financial and shelter support. The IDPs families started working in fruit orchards, markets and with contractors on daily wages for their livelihood. Many of them hired houses while some placed tents for sheltering in Wana Town. Those families who migrated to DI Khan and Tank were got registered by Govt. of Pakistan although more than 50% left unregistered but those (100%) who got refuge in Wana area remained un-registered as registration process wasn’t launched for them. Since October 2009 up till now, no efforts and relief activities from any government or non government organization taken place for the Mahsood IDPs at Wana in SWA.

The Mahsood IDPs in Wana faced many problems, however they were trying their level best to earn for their basic needs but in July 2011 the situation got tensed due to some unpleasant incidents. These incidents made the Security Personnel and Local Peace Committee of Wazir Tribe to take strict action against such type of activities. The Political Administration of SWA along with Pak Army with close coordination with Wazir Tribe Elders and Local Peace Committee conducted many Jirgas to cope the situation and activities caused the security situation worse and later in November 2012 the situation for Mehsood tribe became more terrible when the leader of the Local Peace Committee of Wazir Tribe was targeted by unknown people. This incident resulted fear among the communities of Wazir and Mahsood IDPs. The Local Peace Committee conducted a Jirga with Wazir Tribe Elders and decided to give ultimatum and warned Mehsood IDPs to leave the Wana and its surroundings areas till 5th of December 2012. This announcement once again put Mahsood IDPs in a very bad condition. The Mahsood IDPs in Wana once again displaced and they started searching for shelter and new safe places. Most of them reached District Tank and Dera Ismail Khan but these two cities were already abundant of Mahsood IDPs. So the recently arrived Mahsood IDPs have been facing many problems although the UNHCR in coordination with Govt. have started registration of the recently displaced Mahsood IDPs from Wana both in District Tank and Dera Ismail Khan.

【The newly arrived IDPs from Wana are being registered at registration point】

From the past many years this Mahsood IDPs are in very shocking conditions. These IDPs got displaced twice from their homeland and then from Wana resulted completely wiped-out their financial, cultural and traditional activities. To make them stand on their own feet, all

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