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KITA NAGO, much more than a simple community symbol(part1)

“Kita Nago, ritual walk is now approaching Leogane, creates a huge traffic jam, avoid area if possible”.

When this message landed on my Blackberry through the security instant messaging network I didn’t really understand why a crowd of people were approaching the town. If it was a usual ritual walk how comes I never heard about it?

Soon after information arrived! Plenty! Too many actually! Contradicting each other and creating more confusion than anything!
At the same time the crowd arrived in the town centre, peaceful, obviously happy and exhausted!

Who wouldn’t be as all these people were taking shifts to carry altogether a big Y shape piece of wood that looked extremely heavy. A very nice piece of wood actually, some old oak tree that can still be found in the southern peninsula of Haiti.

A week or so later I know much more about Kita Nago.
Started on 1st January (anniversary of independence) in Les Irois (extreme south west of Haiti) the walk is on its way to Ouanaminthe (extreme north east of the country), covering a distance of 700 km.

Carrying altogether the wood, Haitians taking part in the event want to show their fellow citizens that it is possible to do anything if only everybody gives a hand!!!
In a country were community spirit has been destroyed by decades of chaos I did find the symbol interesting and the initiative worth to be acknowledged as a unique one.

(To be continued)

January 24, 2013 in Haiti |