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JEN's efforts to promote workshops

JEN has been hosting workshops for implementation of business on an as-needed basis.

【Workshop attendees meet at a local community center.】

This time, the topic of this workshop was about "generation of ideas to meet regional challenges" and so JEN asked people from as wide a variety of fields and of as much knowledge as possible to attend the workshop such as NGO's and NPO's which are providing continued assistance activities, long-stay volunteers, college teachers in Ishinomaki and so forth.

【Views are exchanged actively among participants.】

The ideas accumulated this time are going to be shared at a local-based workshop next month, and then translated into more specific ones. On the same day, the city government also hosted a "workshop on park renovation for the future", where staff members of JEN's Ishinomaki branch also attended.

A website promoting community restoration and development: http://www.fukko-net-ishinomaki-jv.info/gijutu.html

As described above, in the disaster-affected areas, many workshops are being held to discuss regional revitalization, how public facilities should be and so forth. JEN's staff members of Ishinomaki branch are working on each project, learning how to run workshops.

【JEN invites donations for aid for the Tohoku recovery. DONATE HERE

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