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IDPS and Goats handling in winter season

With the beginning of winter season in plane areas like Dera Ismail khan the cold and fog starts which adversely affects the life of the people. The time period of winter season in Dera Ismail Khan is very small but the severity of the coldness exceeds specially when there is fog. During winter goats raising become comparatively tougher than the rest of the seasons because they need proper shelter and extra care to protect their livestock from the extreme cold. During the day when the sun shines the temperature comes very favorable for animals but at nights and during fog they require extra care because in shelter or room when they urinate the earth become wet and humid and all the animals but specially goats feel quite uncomfortable. The wet and humid environment leads to the microbial multiplication and the chance for disease outbreaks increases. Like all living things the water intake of livestock decreases which leads to a decrease in feed intake and hence low production. The IDPs in Dera Ismail Khan are basically from the cold area i.e. South Waziristan Agency therefore knows very well how deal the goats in such circumstances. It was a pleasant experience for all of us which we came across during follow up that how interestingly they have protected their goats from the extreme cold with no or very low incurring cost.

The IDPs of South Waziristan Agency try their best to protect their goats from the cold weather by practicing the below guidelines:


•IDPs prepared a separate room/shelter for their goats which is constructed in such a way that protects the animals from cold, direct wind and freezing rain. They also clean the shelter once daily.

•Most families arrange a thick soft bed made of wheat straw or any other dry fodder in a warm room at chilly nights.

•Most IDPs covers their goats with a warm wooly shawl or old used sweaters specially the baby goats which keeps them warm.


•IDPs Keeps their goats and baby goats indoors as much as possible in cold or when the climate is unfriendly.

•Some IDPs burn fire to protect goats from severe cold in shelter houses.

•Each and every Household tries to provide their goat with fresh water (the temperature of fresh water remain high than the stored one during winter) to drink in cold weather.

•Each family tries their maximum to get their goats outdoors at noon and graze them.

•They also protect their goats from external parasites by proper housing and medication if needed. Because there is many chances of external parasite infestation in winter season.

•Veterinary Assistants and LEWs also performing hoof trimming procedures for avoiding hoof abnormalities.

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