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Hygiene education in Illiangary Village: Towards a village without diarrhea

My name is Maliamungu Moes; I am a Hygiene Promoter at JEN. Today I will report on community-level hygiene education.

Our current project aims to let adults know the contents of hygiene education taught in schools, thus encourage children even more to change their daily practices.
Four hygiene education sessions are held in each target village.

【A hygiene promoter working in Illiangary Village】

The second session in Illiangary was held some days ago. The topic was “a village free from diarrhea.”
Illiangary, a small village with around 500 families, is located about two hours away in the east from Juba. The village does not have any toilets, and people are long accustomed to using outdoor sites. When we interviewed the village head, he only mentioned views such as that it would be helpful if the government installed toilets for them. The relation between diarrhea and toilets was not well recognized.

【The village head (in the center) explaining the lack of toilets in the village】

After learning about the relation in the hygiene education session, participants gained awareness about the importance of making toilet facilities. But then, there came requests for tools to dig holes…. We had to explain that clean toilets could be made with tools the villagers already had.

【Villagers gathered for hygiene education】

The situation in Illiangary Village is not special, but actually quite common in South Sudan. There are many things to be done before the conditions improve as in neighboring Kenya and Uganda.

(Maliamungu Moes, Hygiene Promoter at JEN)

January 24, 2013 in South Sudan |