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East: Inspection Tour Group from Japan

In Sri Lanka, welcoming guests is one of the cultural conducts to show respects to others.

This is a scene of the Vellaveli County Mayor welcoming the inspection tour group from Japan.

After that they participated in the feed-water pump receiving commemoration

and the ribbon-cutting130124_mission_welcomed_at_well_n_3
as a part of the water well opening ceremony.

And the people in the village performed an organic compost making demonstration, which they learned in the workshop of JEN, in front of the inspection group 130124_compost_makingpaktharkulam2

Organic compost made of materials they can get in their daily lives such as straw, cow dung, fallen leaves.

During the ceremony and demonstration, the inspection group asked various questions such as “ How do you share the feed-water pump?”, and ”How do you manage the cost of maintenance?”

This kind of communication was a very good opportunity for people in the village to think about the situation they may be experiencing because they continue to use the agricultural wells and distributed feed-water pump.

(This project is conducted with the cooperation of supporters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

January 24, 2013 in Sri Lanka |