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JEN is running its program remotely from Islamabad since 2007 after the security situation became bad in Afghanistan and it was difficult for International staffs to stay there due to security reasons.
All the international staffs moved to Pakistan and started to remotely manage the projects with the help of hard working Afghan colleagues in Afghanistan who are doing their best to help International colleagues to support the people in need.

So far JEN never faced any big problem by running the project from far without any presence there. We have our eyes there in shape of Afghan colleagues and thanks to the latest communication system like Internet, skype and phone by which it is easy for colleagues to work living across the borders.

International staffs in Islamabad office are in close coordination with Afghan colleagues on daily basis and receiving the updates and reports. The professionalism from both sides is working well and the way of coordination is improving day by day although we have regular personnel changes in our team.

【Afghan staffs in Isrambad】

Of course that way of communication is working but at the same time it is also important to meet with the staffs in person. Unfortunately JEN international staffs can’t visit Afghanistan but we invite our Afghan colleagues regularly to Islamabad office and discuss about the program and development. We discuss different issues on going and strategy for the future. At the same time our Afghan colleagues prepare presentations to help us more to understand the situation. It is good as the staffs from Pakistan program also present and they meet with Afghan colleagues. They learn from each other’s and know about the JEN programs of both the countries.

【Afghan staffs visit】

We hope that in the future the situation in Afghanistan would become better and international staffs will have access in Afghanistan to work there. We are working in remote which is sometimes hard for us but at least we are happy that we are contributing something to the people of Afghanistan from far.

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