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Christmas in Juba

Happy New Year!

All of the staff here in Juba wish that 2013 will be an even wonderful year for you, who have been warmly supporting us, and the people of South Sudan.
For the first news blog of this year, we want to introduce Christmas in Juba summer. In contrast to Christmas in Japan with its flickering snow, it is seasonally early summer in Juba during the festivities. Even though the rainy season lasted longer this year, daytime temperatures around this time were well over 30 degrees.

There are more and more shops selling various kinds of goods here in Juba city. Many things that could not be obtained before are now on the storefront. Christmas goods are one of them. As the season approaches, storefronts are decorated, and lots of glittery Christmas goods are lined up.







 Shops that usually sell juices or snacks sell Christmas goods.

"Christmas is an important event for us. I want to sell pretty decorations so that everyone can pass an enjoyable time," the shopkeeper explains happily as he busily places the items on the store.

Shop keepers in big supermarkets wear Santa Claus hats to welcome customers. The storefront and the interior of the store are beautifully decorated.



Among those who live in Juba, there are many people who returned to their home villages and

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