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A new Iraq project supported by MOFA has been started.

A new project (Improvement of Educational Environment and Hygiene Awareness in Primary/Secondary Schools in the Middle and Northern Parts of Iraq (Third Phase)) funded by Japan Ministry of Foreign affairs has started in Dec 2012. This project is as same as the last one, for school rehabilitation and hygiene promotion at 10 schools that spread in 5 governorates; Baghdad, Anbar, Babil, Kirkuk, and Diyala which is estimated to benefit 4500 students and 350 staff, with goals in health promotion via repair of hygiene facilities in the schools and hygiene training for the students, so that they can have a healthy and comfortable environment to continue their education and learn proper hygiene habits to live healthier life. We believe that students will be able to use latrines and wash hands in schools instead of going back to home during school hours, and avoid taking injure from broken windows or damaged electric equipment in the classrooms.

A School: W.C

B School:W.C


C school: classroom window

D school: washroom

E school: damaged electric equipment

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