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We had an inspection ~At Kulipapa Elementary School~

The projects in Central Equatoria State in Sudan to construct the wells and the toilets and to have education about sanitation are now promoted by Japan Platform, thanks to all your support. On 23th November, the monitoring team from Japan came to the elementary school to have training of committee to control the water sanitary and they inspected the well completed in the elementary school.

【The scenery of the training】

The village mayor of Kulipapa Village heard that the team of inspection from Japan was coming, so he participated from the middle of the training. He complained the condition of the village and make some questions about the contents of the training. Because it was the third day of the training, the village residents could answer the questions. We could see the good results of the training so quickly.

【The fashionable village mayor】

【The village resident explained for the question】

Next we went to inspect the well completed recently. Though the committee members were still on the training, the residents have been cooperating with each other and more than half part of the fence surrounding the well was completed.

【The monitoring staff and Jen staffs inspecting the well】

We were asked some questions about a good way to choose an elementary school, the contents of the training and so on from the monitoring members.

(Head of Juba Office, Shu Nishimaru)

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