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Promoting-joyful-business-startup festival for women

On Sunday 9th of December, "Promoting-joyful-startup festival for women", a festival to help women start up their own businesses to make life fun, was held at the food court of "Recovery Marche" in the downtown of Ishinomaki. This is part of JEN's female entrepreneur incubation efforts targeting women who want to take advantage of their skills, want to work but have difficulty of raising children at the same time, or want to start up businesses but don't have know-how needed to do so.

【"Recovery Marche" near the Ishinomoki cartoon museum is used as the venue for the festival 】

Six women who already started their own companies set up booths featuring their businesses such as sales of goods, handmade bred and jam, finger-massage yoga, baby yoga and so on.
Participants listened with interest to those women explaining what their businesses in Ishinomaki were like or their actual experiences on how they started their businesses.

【"Grandma Corporation" founded in Kaduma, Ishinomaki】

【Participants listen to actual experiences.】

【AMIS workshop founded by moms in Ishinomaki  】

JEN will continue to support female entrepreneurs. Your continued assistance is appreciated.


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