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Local Community’s Contribution for school

The reconstitution of 81 facilities at 23 schools in Bagram, Province of Parwan and Jabul Safaj District started from last April completed on November. One of the schools, Qalai Nasro Boys Middle School in Bagram did not have any schoolhouse or any water closet before the renovation. In lieu of the school, a nearby mosque (as chantry of Isram religious) and its rest room and well were used. However, there was no desk or chair in the mosque and the students must sit on the ground to take lessons. Moreover, there were shortage problems in the number of teachers and lecture rooms; only 10 tutors assigned for 610 of the enrolled students, and some of them had to attend lecture outside because of over limit of lecture rooms.

[At beginning of construction work]

Confronted the above-mentioned situation, JEN constructed new facilities, such as 6 school rooms, 4 rest rooms and a hand-wash station with a water storage. In addition, each classroom has a blackboard, desks and chairs.

[New facilities accomplished]

After the reconstitution, the school’s steering committee started to handle facilities’ operation and maintenance. they voluntarily took further actions to improve education environment and asked local residents’ cooperation to make a external wall around the school, water channel between the school and the neighboring region, and planted flowers and trees.

[External wall made by villagers]

[Water channel, flowers and trees ]

Such a self-action by local community encouraged people to care of schools and children. Furthermore, it is prospected that operation of facilities and further approach to improve the education environment will be conducted continuously.

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