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Last grads of damaged Kadonowaki Elem. School making a bond-themed flowerbed

First-year Kadonowaki Junior High school students (107) worked on creating a flowerbed with a bond theme nearby Kadowaki Elmentary School where they come from. What has prompted them to do so was that they studied about activities that could lead to the restoration of Ishinomaki during the period of integrated learning. Among many ideas listed, there was "creating a flowerbed."
While its original plan was to plant flowers on the schoolyard of their former school damaged by the disaster, they had to abandon the idea because the school is scheduled to be dismantled. Their teachers made great efforts to realize students' aspirations and finally adopted to obtain permission to use a vacant rot that used to be a parking lot from a person who used to run a restaurant near the primary school. But its earth was mixed with such glass chips and metal strips that it was dangerous to plant flowers.

【JEN staff members have taught how to plant tulip bulbs a week before.】

After JEN staff members talked with the teachers about that, they came to a conclusion that it's necessary to replace the soil with new one. Then they took counsel with Misatomachi Social Welfare Council, who introduced a farmer in Higashimatsushima to them.That farmer consented willingly to provide soil so that students might realize their aspirations. Now for a vehicle to transport the soil, JEN staff members thought it would be worth talking it over with truckers who helped JEN remove rubbles last year. He also accepted JEN's request.

【Truckers carry soil from Ooshio district in Higashimatsushima.】

We were also given support from Miyagi Commission for Restoration of Life with Flower and Greenery 3.11 project such as wood crossties for verges of the flowerbed, flower seedlings, tulip bulbs and compost. Moreover, a local and a major flower shop offered us flower bulbs. In this way many people helped us and so the student's aspirations were taking shape little by little.

【This photo depicts how to enclose the flower bed with wood crossties.】

On the day of making the flowerbed, Wednesday the 28th of November, it's was a windy and chilly day, but the students leveled the soil, laid pots of purple, yellow and white violas side by side as designed and planted bulbs of narcissus and tulip.

【Students level the soil.】

【Lay flower seedlings and bulbs in the shape of a heart】

【Students plant flowers.】

One of the class representatives who designed the flowerbed said "Thanks to everybody, we were able to finish off the flowerbed more beautifully than we expected. We want to be of help in restoring our town as much as possible through filling up our town with flowers." Violas will continue to bloom till next spring; narcissus will be at the best time in late April, tulips in early May. We are looking forward to see those flowers bloom in coming spring.
JEN will continue to support children's proactive activities.

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