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Volunteers to restore farmland

This time we report one of JEN's volunteer activities in Tohoku. As we earlier posted photos on Facebook, JEN's volunteers for Tohoku disaster restoration worked on restoring damaged farmland in the Kamikama district of Ishinomaki city from December 3th to 4th.

【Volunteers grub the farmland for large rubbles.】

One of the farmers in the area says that they have already tried to remove rubbles from the farmland several times, but there still remain a lot of rubles buried.
A farmer in the area says that his fraternity

【A stepladder has been grubbed.】

JEN is restoring the farmland in contact with dozens of local farmer groups. The farmland was deadly damaged by the tsunami, for it is only one kilometer away from the coast. Therefore many farmers in this area have rented lots in different areas and restarted farming there. But at the same time, they are making steady efforts in seeking to restore their ancestral farmland. The farmers have removed large rubbles with heavy machinery, but that have buried small-to-medium-sized rubble into the ground.
If rubbles are left as they are, they will restrain farmers from cultivating the farmland with mechanical cultivator because rubbles damage the cultivator, that's why it's necessary to shovel rubbles off the farm land manually and patiently.

【Though removing rubbles requires patience.... 】



What needs to be done at end is separating rubbles by types of them.

【Rubbles are separated manually.】


You can get a distant view of a temporary rubble-yard.
At the end of the volunteer work farmers thanked the volunteers for their efforts and each volunteer replied how they felt about their work for the day.

【Look back on their work for the day with farmers.】

"I realized there is still much work that needs to be done and even I can contribute. I'd like to come back."
"I had a quality time. I'd like to come back."
It was very striking that many of them with bright face said "I'd like to come back." under splendid fall weather. We JEN staff were also very happy to hear that.

【All told, 14 volunteers participate in two-day work on both individual basis and company basis. Good work today.】

There are no reliable prospects that to what extent farm land can be restored. Though the farming community in this area decided to address the restoration of its farm land, some farmer who have moved inland expresses mixed feelings---quote---"Even now, I get sick by just approaching the coast," JEN will address each and every issue at hand coordinating closely with agricultural groups and local communities.

JEN reconstruction support volunteer information update
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