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The reality about FATA




To the west of JEN’s operation site, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, lies a region bordering Afghanistan called FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). In some parts of FATA, armed conflict between the Pakistani military and insurgents is continuing.




The tribal people of FATA have their own culture and norms. Many people living in other parts of our country and the world might call them brutal, cruel and illiterate and they might think that FATA is the center of regional problems. But I guarantee that once one visits FATA, their perception of FATA will change 100%.


They are not brutal but are loving and caring. They are not cruel but they are so kind with generosity, they are welcoming and hospitable. They are not illiterate but they are much educated in their inside. Their way of looking at the world is very positive. They are simple people and in fact it is difficult to find complicated people among the real people of FATA. 




FATA is not the center of problem, but it is the global political situation, different countries’ interests and greed that have made it dangerous. Because of the simplicity of the people of FATA, they are being used by the other powers easily.




Soon after our group arrived in FATA, our host was waiting for us. We were treated with traditional custom and provided with tea and dry fruits. Our host didn’t allow us to work on day 1 because he wanted us to see the beauty of that part of FATA. Maybe he didn’t want us to see the damages because he knows that ‘First impression is the last impression or first impression is the best impression’.




In FATA I saw the bluest sky, and big stars were very much visible at night.



Water was floating in the rivers like
chains that bind the communities living on opposite sides, and I could see a beautiful
panoramic mountain range.


Maple trees made a beautiful scenery in autumn.



If the situation in FATA becomes normal and the outsiders would live there peacefully instead of making troubles, then this area would be one of the best holiday destinations in Pakistan. People living in cities are fed up with the crowd, pollution and artificial things. They want a break in some places that purify their souls, and FATA is one of such places.




Azmat Ali, Head of Islamabad Office 





November 29, 2012 in Pakistan |