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Staff Training

Previously in our rapid aid report, we reported about the security training that JEN does not only receive programs from outside but also within their group. Each staff is based on different background and their supporting content differs as well.

The activities of JEN are based on “what kind of aid is required in the local area” and not “what we like to aid”, so a wide view and knowledge is required to fulfill the aid. For example, other than security managing projects or gender will be an issue.

This kind of training is not only for the international staff but it can take place with the local staff. Early November in Afghanistan, in order to improve the communication and sharing information efficiently the training was done only among the local staff.

The international staff of JEN manages the supporting project of Afghanistan from Islamabad of Pakistan communicating with the local staff based on mail and telephone.
Therefore, communication skill will be vital for the program and improvement of everyone’s ability is essential.
This time, the local staff experienced in communication skill became a lecturer and performed the training by themselves. We will do our best to update the ability of the staff and organization by this kind of training to achieve a high quality aid.

November 15, 2012 in Afghanistan |