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Staff celebrating Birthdays at office

This is Shahid Khan, working with JEN as Program assistant for Afghanistan program in Islamabad office. Today, let me tell you about an activity being followed in JEN Islamabad office since last year, “Staff Celebrating their Birthday” at office with colleagues. 


Usually, when we think of birthday the initial thought we get is cakes, balloons, gifts, party etc. But celebrating birthday at JEN Islamabad is quite different from what we have on our minds. Here, the birthdays are very simple but yet rejuvenating. The birthday boy or girl has to order a cake him/herself and receives birthday wishes from colleagues and everybody enjoy the cake with tea.


I, personally see this fifteen minutes activity as a very positive practice. It gives a chance to all staff to get out of the stress of tough work schedule by having a casual chat with colleagues and enjoying the cake. Receiving birthday wishes from everyone works as morale booster and motivation is increased. Most importantly this activity creates an opportunity of good team building informally. The celebrations often have a relaxed atmosphere, where colleagues are able to get to know one another beyond the daily work they do together. In addition, this connection helps our team to work together better in achieving projects goal.


I, think such type of activities should be encouraged at work place as it helps to connect, in networking, motivation and bringing everyone together.

November 29, 2012 in Afghanistan |