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RYONRYON teaches how to dance!

The first dance class for children was opened up on October 28.

It has been pointed out that children in the disaster-stricken area who are forced to study in temporary school buildings or live in provisional houses don't get much exercise. Though opening a dance class was a small step to address that problem, it aimed to help children to take more physical exercise and to release their daily stress,

【Children gather in gym.】

When the scheduled time for the class came, children were in the middle of playing chasing. The children seemed to like simply exercising.

The dance lesson started right after a warm up. The instructors of the lesson were Ms. Kyoko Nomura, also known as RYONRYON, who is doing excellent jobs as a choreographer and a backup dancer, and Ms. Minami Zushi who joined as Ms. Nomura's assistant. They came here from Tokyo to help teach how to dance.

【The children concentrate on dancing.】


Younger children's group practiced tail-wagging dance to the tune titled "Mister" (KARA), elder children's group practiced Michael Jackson's "Beat it." It's getting exercise vigorously that is simple but important.

The child has such an ability to adapt to change in environment that the children have adjusted themselves to lives changed by the disaster. But as was pointed out in the lessons learned from Kobe earthquake or past disasters, there is a concern that juvenile delinquency will increase due to the change in living environment. It's essential for children's healthy growth that they have chances to acquit themselves of their living environment, exercise and relieve their stress.


【The children take a commemorative photo with RYONRYON.】

Pleasant hours flew past. The second dance class is expected to take place in November. JEN is committed to continuing to support children. We ask our supporters for their continued understanding and cooperation on our activities.

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