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Northern Sri Lanka : Puthukkudiyiruppu DS- Today

In early October, we visited  northern Project site in Puthukkudiyiruppu DS of Mullativu District for the first time in a year.  From Vavunia where our Office is located, we took a route called A9 up north, ran through the corner of Kilinochchi and turning right taking the same route.  However, there were many discoveries.

Number of residential buildings of returnees has increased during the year around the Transitional Shelters built by JEN last year.


In the area where there were only shacks last year, now there are many stores.


Public buses run through the main street.  Power poles and electric wires runs through the area and  electric power distribution has become more stable.  We have witnessed their recovery is certainly under way.


Although, big differences exist in the Puthukkudiyiruppu DS.  In the area where returnees has returned about half a year ago, there are people who are concerned of their lives of the future after the delivery of food from the United Nations (the UN).  Some people cannot earn any money that they have no funds to develop their worn- out farm to restart rice cropping.  In the area where people started to return three moths ago, it is still in the stage that male returnees are leveling out the worn- land to secure the land for living. Water tankers delivered from the UN has been watered  only once and has not been watered since then.

Next to the area we have witnessed a sigh of recovery, there are still many people who needs support.

November 8, 2012 in Sri Lanka |