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【Excerpt of a voodoo hall’s wall pictured in 2010 in Leogane】
“Haiti - Society: A woman declared dead in September 2011, found alive on the day of the dead 2012”

This is not a joke. This is the title of an article published this week on Haitian media . Explaining when and how the woman was buried in 2011, and how she “resurrected” in 2012. More than 1 year later. Conditional is not the frame.
The article does not question the “facts”, neither it tries to explain the “miracle”. Almost nobody does actually, except foreigners.

Quite surprisingly for people familiar with monotheist religion, this kind of thing is not so rare in Haiti. So, is Haiti a new Eden or the place where Jesus or another prophet would have decided to come back prior to the so-called Maya’s December 21st? Or is there any other reason behind that?
Actually you cannot understand Haiti, if you do not try understanding why people could take such “information” as granted, or why a relatively serious media could participate to what would appear to external observers as a reinforcement of the lack of education in the country.

Haitians believe en masse to mysticism. This certainly has a direct link with Voodoo, where Evils, Zombies or Vampires are legion. Nevertheless nobody knows if Voodoo is at the origin of so much mysticism, or vice-versa.
But there is something that is certain: mysticism is really useful to explain what you do not understand. Especially when you do not know, or you are not able to look for a proper solution.

Unfortunately, this is the fate of all countries where education is too much neglected.

November 22, 2012 in Haiti |