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Mr. Panos Karan To Give Piano Recital

On October 21, Mr. Panos Karan, gave free concerts at several places. He is a young, energetic Greek pianist. Besides performing not only in Europe but also around the world from base in UK, he is providing those people who have no experience of classical music or live in disadvantaged environment with opportunities of listening to classical music through "Keys of Change", a charitable organization founded in 2010.

This time, he was accompanied by Raúl, one of his music partners, and so their four-handed, stirring performances healed many people's broken hearts. It was the second time for JEN to host concerts following the first one in this March. The series of concerts started at "Nakayashi-Kitsusa", a community cafe, in Kamikama area where Mr. Panos's previous concert was also held this March.
After giving a salute to his audience, Mr. Panos played Bach, Chopin and Brahm in turn. In particular, four-handed performances were so impressive that the audience of twenty-three local residents were satisfied with the world of classical music.

【Mr. Panos and Raúl play a duet at "Nakayashi-Kitsusa".】

The former JEN staff who organized the concert held in this March joined us in the middle of the concert, and had a happy reunion with ex-coworkers after the concert. After the concert in Kamikama finished, they moved to "Fureai Recovery Marche"---a temporary shopping arcade to enhance opportunities for regional rehabilitation--- near the Ishinomori cartoon museum and had lunch there while looking at photos on display depicting the devastation caused by the disaster. While they were having lunch, the manager of the "Fureai Recovery Marche" said to him "We have an electric piano, so I wonder if I could ask you to play music. Just a tune would be fine." As a result, he gave an unscheduled performance on stage. Some ten people who happened to be there shouted bravo to him accompanied by applause all at once.

【Mr. Panos playing on stage at Fureai Rehabilitation Marche】

They exchanged goodbyes after the performance and moved to Sarukoya music instrument store near Fureai Rehabilitation Marche. The store is known for having fixed damaged piano by the disaster. The president of the store, Mr. Inoue, explained us how he carefully fixed damaged pianos which had got muddy and rusty. The president said to Mr. Panos "This is the first piano we have restored." and he replied to the president that Mr. Inoue's restoration of pianos was also a popular topic of conversation in Europe. Mr. Panos said to the president "May I play this piano?" and he responded to Mr. Panos immediately saying "We'd like you to!"

【Mr. Panos plays the damaged piano.】

Mr. Panos gave concerts on electric pianos at Kamikama and Fureai Rehabilitation Marce and so his grand piano playing made us realize how a grand piano was different from electric pianos in strength and melody of performance. The beautiful music made store staffs stop their work and gather around the piano. When the performance finished, he received ringing applause for a while.

But Mr. Inoue's professional ears didn't fail to detect that some of the piano wires were unstrung. Mr. Inoue requested Mr. Panos saying "Mr. Panos! We have a keyed piano upstairs, so I do want you to play that one!"
Going upstairs, when Mr. Panos began to play, a tune that even lay people can tell the difference in sound echoed through the store. After playing a tune, he asked Mr. Inoue saying "Mr. Inoue, May I play a tune that will apply too much a load to the piano." With Mr. Inoue's permission, he started playing a complex melody. Though his performance was over in a couple of minutes, the audience there was speechless with his powerful performance for a while. Mr. Inoue said "Excellent!"
Mr. Panao said "I'm able to get in touch with the soul of this piano. This piano was damaged, once died then come back from the dead. I'm happy to come across this piano. This is a symbol of recovery!"

【After Mr. Panos's performance at Sarukoya store.】

They move from Sarukoya store to Kashiwagi Fureai center in the outskirts of Ishinomaki, and his final concert began. The audience of nine was mostly people from a temporary housing nearby. After the performance of classical music, "Sakura", a Japanese classical music, was played. A beautiful tune sounded through halls, some people were listening to his performance with tears.
Mr. Panos shook hands with every people saying goodbye.

【After Mr. Panos's concert at Kashiwaki Fureai Center】

Accompanying Mr. Panos and Raul, we were enchanted with their beautiful tunes.
JEN is committed to working on recovery assistance projects in corporation with representatives of every sector of society.

【Commemorative photo with JEN staffs at JEN Ishinomaki office】

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