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In order to prolong the life of wells~retraining for hand pump mechanics in Kajo Keji County~

In the area where JEN has been working, villages have some wells other than JEN built for schools. However even though wells are once broken, currently those are hardly fixed.

One of the reasons is that the villagers do not know where they can find well-trained hand pump mechanics.

In addition to that, it is also a severe problem that people in there tend to repair wells after completely broken because there is no custom of regular maintenance, and which causes the repair cost very high. As a result, they cannot afford to fix.

For the sake of prolonging the life of wells, last year JEN established an association for the hand pump mechanics in Lainya County and created a system for them to cooperate with the community for regular maintenance.

This year, in Kajo Keji County and Morobo County, we have been working toward building a maintenance and management system for wells by connecting individual hand pump mechanics to communities directly.

The other day, in Kajo Keji County, we held a training session for thirty one hand pump mechanics nominated by different villages in order to improve their ability.

In the training, not only repair skill but the skill for Preventive Operation and Maintenance (POM) was focused, and which helped them to fix the wells before completely broken.

【Wearing work clothes distributed by JEN】

Every hand pump mechanic showed high interest in the training for POM, and one of the attendants, Mr. Chaplain Soro (age 35), gave us a comment that he was sure that this activity should improve the condition of water supply

【Mr. Chaplain preparing for acknowledgment at completion ceremony】

Mr. Asu Joseph (age 24) told us that he was able to learn concrete techniques such as measuring the depth of well and how to acquire cooperation effectively from the community through the training of communication skill as well.

【Mr. Asu with the manual JEN handed】

Through the training for hand pump mechanics, we will continue our activities giving opportunities for villagers to acquire a better understanding of POM.

【All participants in Kajo Keji County】

This project is supported by Japan Plat Form and all of you.

Head of Juba Office, Shu Nishimaru

November 22, 2012 in South Sudan |