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Growing the circle of hygiene habits!

As last report, the hygiene education sessions are ongoing. JEN request schools to hang the posters to promote hygiene habits to students. JEN also distribute hygiene kits which includes teeth brush, tooth paste, towel, as well as materials JEN developed with Ministry of Education.



With those tools, students practice brushing teeth at the washing stand restored in this project. Students can practice brushing teeth and washing hands with the clean washing stand which now they do not need to struggle to get water from the tab.



Can you brush behind of your teeth well? After students learned the importance of hygiene habits, they will talk about it to their family at home. This is our aim of the project to spread good habits of hygiene to family through school and students and promote them to prepare teeth brush for their kids at home. This is one of our efforts to make the project sustainable that the good hygiene habits will remain after JEN complete the project.



November 1, 2012 in Iraq |