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From the destination Haiti 2

JEN has been focusing on, the greatest need, water and sanitation projects as an emergent reconstruction support in the Western prefecture for a little than 3 years since May 2010, where suffered the most damage by the earthquake, after implementing the emergency assistance right after the great earthquake occurred in January 2010.

Here is the report on the project sites I inspected. I mainly visited accessible project sites including those in the past. This is because access to many of the project sites was not ensured because of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy hit in the end of October. (As of October 31st, 54 reported to have died in Haiti according to UNOCHA).

The clarification device is installed beside the water well for water clarification by Chlorine.


Adjoining laundry.


Here in one of the present project sites, a water tank has been under construction at a fast pace.


A big tree have fallen to lie over the water, might be caused by the hurricane.


The beautiful landscape encountered on the way.


I appreciate your warm and continuing support.

Department/Jumpei Ushikubo

November 8, 2012 in Haiti |