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Coordination with Government Livestock Department

In the year 2010, Government of Pakistan established a Livestock Research Station in Union Council Band Korai, Tehsil Paharpur Dera Ismail Khan.


The entire staffs are comprised of 3 Senior Research Officers, 7 Research Officers and 1 Acting Director. This Research Center lies in JEN’s target area of the Livelihood Recovery project for IDPs. JEN is liable to coordinate its project activities with Government Livestock Department. JEN has shared it’s project activities and future planning with representatives of Government Livestock Department in the working group meetings of Food Security Cluster.
Representatives of Livestock Department regularly visits JEN’s warehouse during quarantine period of goats to share their technical expertise. They help JEN’s staff in vaccinating Goats against endemic diseases. After successful quarantine period of goats, Livestock Department issues “Good Health Status Certificate” to JEN which means that goats are now ready for distribution.


1 representative of Livestock Department regularly delivers sessions to JEN’s LEWS for 2 days in Goat Management Training. He covers the topics of Endemic diseases of goats and their prevention with practical demonstrations.   


JEN’s veterinary assistants coordinate with Senior Research Officers of the Livestock Research Station during follow up of goats and inculcate their inputs in treatment of goats and advising the beneficiaries.   
Representatives of Livestock department appreciate JEN’s endeavors for the Livelihood recovery of IDPs through provision of livestock. They appreciate strict measures adopted during quarantine period of goats at JEN warehouse. They see provision of Beetel Goats as “Genetic Improvement” in the target area. 

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