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The preliminary survey for hygiene education

Here’s a report on the preliminary survey at the school where JEN provides hygiene education.

The school is “Aru Primary School” in Juba, holding 240 students from 1st to 5th grades studying here.


The preliminary survey is to check the conditions of their knowledge, attitude and practice for hygiene before hygiene education is provided. After hygiene education is finished, a similar survey is made to see how their knowledge, attitude and practice for hygiene change.

The preliminary survey was conducted to 10 randomly selected students from each grade. First, hygiene promoters explained about the survey, “This is not a test, but you may not peep at friend’s answer and copy it. You do not need to write your names, and you may not tell a lie.” The hygiene promoters repeated explanation in English and Arabic so children could easily understand.


Here are some examples of questions.
-Do you know diarrhea?
-How often do you get diarrhea?
-Do you have a toilet at home?
-How many times do you wash your hands?

These kind of detailed questions followed. Hygiene promoters proceeded questions cheerfully with humor so children wouldn’t get bored with too many questions and closed the survey.


After the preliminary survey comes hygiene education. We continue the operation with hope that this will provoke a change in children’s behaviors in the future.


*This project is conducted by Japan Platform and your support.

October 11, 2012 in South Sudan |