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Security Training

This is Hutamura who is assigned to accounting and general affairs at the JEN office in Afghanistan. There are 11 of us including the international staff who have been called in from Afghanistan and Pakistan who have been attending the security training for 5 days in Islamabad in Pakistan.  The high density training covers a large diversity of aspects such as advance preparation, escaping, responding and the rescue methods for dangerous situations.  The staff have been taking this training very seriously and the public safety measures are necessary for both countries to put the projects in execution.


In their training, the case of the supply distribution project for the emergency assistance was presented. The riot at the end was a result of the distribution of food aid in the developing country.  At the humanitarian aid site, in order to prevent that kind of case, we have to pay careful attention during the supply distribution, for instance, “coordinating with the leader in the community.”, also ”the relief supplies have to be kept in a safe place where the people cannot find and distributed the supplies to each other”.

I have conducted the distribution of the emergency supplies in Tohoku district since the end of March 2011. Because of my lack of experience at the emergency humanitarian aid site I only have basic knowledge and lack the proper training like above.

We also learned about the must-have portable equipment such as food, water and maps to bring to the place where the project is going on.  I can easily imagine that we would cause a lot of panic if we were ever isolated by the closed road like in march 2011 when there were still many aftershocks.

Through this training, I have been keenly aware that there are still hundreds of things to learn as someone who is part of the humanitarian aid projects.  Moreover, it is not hard to find more common ideas in the supporting sites both in Japan and abroad.
I am going to make use of the things I have learnt from this training so as to work on our projects even harder and thanks for the support from all of you.

October 4, 2012 in Afghanistan |