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Schools growth with community

The new school year has been started on October in Iraq, and the second half of the hygiene education session have been kicked off. It is the continuance of the primary session held in April at the schools we implemented rehabilitation.  JEN has developed the method and materials of hygiene education how to make them exciting for children together with Ministry of Education, Department of Education, and teachers with developed materials such as teeth-brushing calendar or trash box, which we have introduced in the previous article.


At the schools, JEN also organize PTA associated by parents of students and teachers to spread the hygiene knowledge and habits to families and communities through schools. The member of PTA regularly come to school to monitor if the latrines and water fonts JEN restored are maintained clean. Through this activity, JEN believe that the environment of children’s growth will be looked after by entire community along with schools and teachers.


Teachers of the schools who observed restoration of school facilities and improvement of student habits after hygiene education sessions, and they said that they wish all other schools which are still in the condition they had before will be improved as they could through JEN project. JEN will continue the step-by-step endeavor to improve study environment of school children at all areas of Iraq.


October 25, 2012 in Iraq |