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'Fureai-Hiroba festival to 'Revive Kamikama'"

On October 14, a fine autumn Sunday, a festival titled "Fureai-Hiroba festival to 'Revive Kamikama'(a festival providing an opportunity for residents to interact each other and renew their resolve to revive Kamikama)" was held to celebrate the resumption of the park, where tulips were planted as reported in the previous report.

【On fine autumn Sunday, many people joined.】

【The inauguration begins with a prayer.】

Some 200 victims were temporary buried in this park because of the shortage of space to lay out the remains in the aftermath of the disaster. In the beginning of the festival, people gathered prayed for the repose of all the disaster victims and those who were buried in this park.
【Mr. Kameyama, the mayor of the city of Ishinimaki, delivers his opening address.】
Mr. Kameyama too, the mayor of the city of Ishinimaki city, took the platform and deliverd his opening address; "I hope that the resumption of this park will set the stage for the rebirth of our community." After many other people offered their congratulations, a ribbon was cut to open the park.

【Tulip bulbs planted by children to commemorate the day.】

Mr. Watanabe who had joined in planting tulips recently said "We were able to plant tulips among us. That gave us a chance to get together in this park again, so I'm very happy. The rest of the park remains rough, so I want to plant there with tulips too." After a warm-up, a variety of attractions were featured.

【After an opening, haneko dance(dance up and down) is performed.】

【Big jump rope】


【The final attraction, tug of war.】121018_sdsc_0279

Following a warm-up, there were lots of attractions such as obstacle course, big jump rope, kite flying and tug of war. Kamikama area has been very big for town athletic meet, and so people enjoyed taking part in competitions for the first time in quite some time.

【They enjoy lunchtime over imoni.】

【A fish stand】

We asked opening stands of people in Higashihama, Sasunnohama and Kaduma where JEN is engaging in supportive activities. Thus JEN takes it as one of our important missions to encourage local communities in Ishinomaki to interact each other, promote better understanding and ties between them and advance together toward recovery.

Under the blue sky, it was really impressive to see children happily running around and local residents smiling. The festival also attracted people living in temporary housing or those who are taking shelter in other places and they enjoyed happy reunion for the first time in a while. JEN is committed to assisting local communities sympathetically aiming to revive local communities.

【Neighborhood association facilitators, volunteers take a ceremonial photo.】


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