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From the destination Haiti

Had departed Japan on October 18th and changed airplanes at New York, I arrived in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, the next day after noon.

This is my first voyage to Haiti.  To be honest, my first impression of it was not positive because a group of pale gray simple frame buildings and refuge tents of emergency provisions jumped to my eyes as far as I looked down the city from the descending airplane just before landing.
However, I felt that friendly and kind attitudes of the local staff of JEN and people around the office swept the impression away.

Currently I have been engaged in the operational coordination in the office Port-au-Prince and I am expected to move to the project site in Leogane, Grand Goave soon.

The situation there will be reported next time, this time please enjoy the pictures around the office Port-au-Prince!

The entrance of the office Port-au-Prince


Just like the image of the Caribbean, there are many kinds of trees.
“A Mango tree”

I found Mango trees and palm trees on the premise of the office, no sooner I ate Mango and it was sweet and tasted good.

“Around the office”


Various kinds of shops stand side by side such as a fruits store and a clothing store etc.

Overseas Projects Department/Jumpei Ushikubo

October 25, 2012 in Haiti |