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For Children to have Affinity for Hygiene Education ~Through a Song Contest~

"If children were able to learn about hygiene in an easier and more fun way, wouldn’t they learn better and knowledge?”

This revolutionary idea came up from a JEN staff during a meeting about hygiene education workshop with officials of Ministry of Education.

"If the kids could sing about right hygiene habits, they could learn important knowledge in a fun way, and familiarize with these habits."  From this idea, Ministry of Education organized contests to compose songs about hygiene habits in five districts that JEN works in.

Since 2003, JEN has been working on hygiene education with Ministry of Education. Local authorities have become more creative by bringing up its own ideas, instead of just waiting for proposals from JEN, which finally created this groundbreaking event. The song contest featured five Directorate of Education from Baghdad, al-'Anbār, Bābil, Diyala and Kirkuk.  They competed with the songs they made to promote hygiene practices .


The song made by Diyara District, which had the most easy-to-remember lyrics and melody, won the contest. It The song was even introduced to Directorate of Education and is now used all over Iraq so that every child can become more familiar with hygienic practices.

October 4, 2012 in Iraq |