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Delivered Dream Bags to Children in Afghanistan

Following the last year, we have got Dream Bags distributed to 7,087 of 1st to 3rd year students at 27 of schools in the district of Bagram in Province of Parwan. The project of distribution of Dream Bags is now in its seventh year.


Dream Bags arrived in Afghanistan from Japan

In the district of Bagram in Province of Parwan, the offensive against the air base by anti-government armed group has still been continued in this year. The children at the surrounding area have precariously been living with putting their life at risk. Due to economic reason, it is a difficult state to buy any stationeries and any toys for a large part of the children. We would give an introduction to the scene when we have delivered grave gifts from Japanese children to them.


At Girls’ school of Bagram on 19th September, 2012


At Alawodin Shaheed Middle School on 3rd October, 2012


“I am so glad to receive a present with many of stationeries and toys. I will use it with taking good care for my study. I wish to express my thanks.”
Ms. Safia received a Dream Bag (Qalai Beland Girls high school, 3rd grade, 9 years old)


“I much appreciate for giving my daughter such a great gift. She has a profitable time with playing toys and studying with stationeries.
Qalai Bayazid Primary School  Mr. Hedayatullah, his daughter received a Dream Bag (55 years old)


At Shomanzai Primary School on 4th October, 2012

The children in Afghanistan have been grateful to Japanese children for receiving Dream Bags which Japanese children packed toys and stationeries in their handcrafted bags.

October 18, 2012 in Afghanistan |