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An Empty Welcome Home (Part 2)

Other than residential facilities and food, water is the other essential. Only one water-well provides water for both laundry and bathing, which is used after being cleaned. However, in the dry season the water supply can be exhausted within ten days.
The United Nations has also provided three water tanks, to be shared between 50 to 70 households. This roughly calculates to each household receiving 3.5L-5L of water per day. However, due to proclaimed financial reasons, local authorities have not been providing the agreed amount — forcing people to travel roughly 2km for water.

Though Sri Lanka has come to be considered a tourist area of high economic growth in recent years, there are those even now who still suffer from the effects of domestic strife. This is something we should not overlook.

JEN continues to support the return of migrants to their homelands, and has installed five hand-operated water pumps.

This activity was made possible by the assistance of our supporters and the Japan Platform.

October 11, 2012 in Sri Lanka |