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The Villagers listened to the Sermons about Hygiene from Mullahs

Since our health education training for Mullahs, Muslim clerics, which the previous report talked about, Mullahs have told the villagers about hygiene in delivering a sermon at Friday worships in the mosques, Muslim worship places.

Here are some comments on hygiene by a few of the villagers living around the mosques, who listened to the sermons.


“On Friday Mullah spent ten minutes telling us about health education, benefits of hygiene, and relation between hygiene and health before the worship. Thanks to it, we started having an interest in hygiene. Everyone said they would spread what they learned here to the people in the area.”
Samar Gul, Shepherd, from Gujar Khil Village, Bagram District


“I had already realized the importance of hygiene, because my son had given me some information on hygiene he got at school. This time Mullah told me about it at the nearby mosque, which reminded me of how important it is to take hygiene in everyday life for health. I would like to tell all of my family members and make it a rule to keep hygiene with my son.”
Hanifullah, Security guard, from Medan Minara Village, Jabul Siraj District


“I am glad that Mullah told me about health and hygiene based on the teachings of Islam.”
Anzar Gul, Farmer, from Qala Mir Village, Jabul Siraj District


“I was told about hygiene at the mosque last month. Mullah told us that it is very important to put this advice into practice and share it with our family members for all of us being healthy. Now I know five key points of hygiene: water, food, tooth brushing, keeping ourselves clean, and life environment.”
Haji Khalid, Shop staff, from Lakar Gul Bahar Village, Jabul Siraj District

It increases ripple effects throughout the community that Mullahs, who took our health education training, spread the importance and information on hygiene at the mosque in addition to school teachers, who took the same training in the same areas. We are going to continue our support for healthy life of children and people in the areas.

September 20, 2012 in Afghanistan |