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Monsoon Season in Dera Ismail Khan

In local language of D I Khan i.e. Saraiki Monsoon is called “Sawanr”. Its tenure is from Mid-July to mid-September every year. Since 2010 the monsoon heavy rains has caused flash floods and has damaged infrastructure and agriculture sector. 2010 floods flashed the cities of KPK, sindh and some districts of Punjab & Baluchistan.

The major parts of D.I.khan were hit by 2010 flood which caused approximately 15 casualties and 80 injuries. Flood 2010 affected 800,000 populations of D.I.Khan and also 32,000 IDPs families of South Waziristan agency. The rehabilitation process is still incomplete in D.I.khan for flood affectees. Several families are still striving to rebuild their houses and start their lives normally.

Currently flood forecasting division, PDMA and weather forecasting department’s forecasts heavy rains which may cause flash floods in D I Khan and other parts of the country. According to UNOCHA report, D I Khan has experienced urban flooding in recent wave of monsoon rains. Although there were no human causalities but some houses and roads are damaged including a bridge which was completely washed away.

United Nations has prepared contingency plan with the help of I/NGOs to cope with any circumstances resulted by monsoon. Government authorities are monitoring the situation although they have no formal contingency plan.

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