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The importance of the research for the project for 2013 is ongoing

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Dera Ismail Khan district and FATA the number of internally displaced persons from combat between the government military forces and the anti-government military forces is about 730 thousand. (July 2012, UNHCR)
Because the situation in their birth place is not stable, there are a few internally displaced persons returning. JEN is going to continue our research for the project towards displaced persons next year as well.

JEN’s local staff from the D.I. Khan office have started the research for the project in 2013 while they continue ones for this year.

Since JEN has targeted some areas, JEN’s investigation team sees the extent of the needs of people by visiting the villages and inspecting their life environment and having conversations with the displaced persons and the social activists in the villages.

In this picture, the staff are making sure of the places where the displaced persons are from, from the picture drawn by the social activist who is familiar with the area.

This one is about listening to elderly people in an internally displaced persons’ community about the current problems they have.

In fact JEN has investigated the environment which the internally displaced persons live. Like the picture bellow suggests, some people stay at not so sturdy housing constructions made of mud and sand.


Based on the collected information from each area, JEN will select the area that needs the most support and decide the details of their activities.

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