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The festival to mark the opening of Ishinomaki port takes place; pause to pray for the repose of victims' souls and the restoration and then make a step forward.

The biggest event in Ishinomaki and its surroundings, "the memorial festival of the opening of Ishinomaki port" was held for two days from July 31 to August 1 at the central city street of Ishinomaki as its main venue. While the festival was forced to reduce its schedule and content due to the aftermath of the disaster, the street was alive with many citizens, visitors and volunteers.
It is a Buddhist service which used to be held in many areas for those drowned in rivers or seas that marked the beginning of "the memorial festival of the opening of Ishinomaki port" and has been held together with a fireworks exhibition to attract tourists since 1916. And it also expresses gratitude to old Mr. Mgobei Kawamura who first opened Ishinomaki port and formed the basis for its current prosperity and has a long tradition with this year marking its 89th anniversary of performance.

【A memorial service for the dead held in the evening of July 31】

【A bout 15,000 Lantern-offerings on the Kitakami River】

【The statue of old Mr. Magobe Kitamura at Hiwayama Park】

【Nakase Park where fireworks are to set off.】

A parade of primary school pupils' band of drums and fifes came back as part of the festival after a two-year absence and its lively sound resounded all over the town. The parade of three junior high-school brass bands started staging first at noon followed by the rank of spirited pupils of seventeen primary schools lead by Kadowaki primary school. As Kadowaki primary school has its schoolhouse burnt down by the ensuring fire right after the tsunami, it is giving classes at schoolrooms offered by Kadowaki junior high school. But with the support of music instruments from many supporters including JEN, the pupils of Kadowaki primary school overcame the disaster to show their lively faces in public.

Getting the parade of drum and fife band done successfully under the scorching sun, no doubt, the pupils will develop into attractive persons.

【The Kadowaki primary school drum and fife band marches at the head.】

【The drum and fife band of the Minato second primary school 】

In the evening, fireworks were set off to wish for the repose of victims' souls and recovery from the disaster by the old Kitakami River at the finale.

【Fireworks set off from the old Kitakami River】


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